In this article, we are going to look at 4 important steps to become a digital organization.


The ongoing digitalization that is taking place in today’s time has a huge impact on our lives and the business world. To survive in the digital age, companies must initiate digital initiatives. Therefore, digital leaders have to embrace a digital mindset first since they are the ones who have to lead these changes. From there, the way to turning a company into a digital organization is not that far anymore. What you need to do is building and enabling digital across the entire company.

In this regard, four di aren’t aspects can be distinguished, three of them lying within your company’s responsibility and one being influenced from the outside:

  • Alignment. The Management Part Of The Digital Organization
    • Strategy
    • Processes
  • Identity. The Leadership Part Of The Digital Organization
    • Culture
    • People
  • Operations. The Execution Part Of The Digital Organization
    • Action
    • Technology
    • Resource allocation
  • Politics. The External Influencers Of The Digital Organization
    • E-Government
    • Education

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