The 4 Steps To Becoming A Digital Organization

In this article, we are going to look at 4 important steps to become a digital organization.   The ongoing digitalization that is taking place in today’s time has a huge impact on our lives and the business world. To survive in the digital age, companies must initiate digital initiatives. Therefore, digital leaders have to embrace […]

Change the Lens, Change the Future

Adaptability to change and embracing what future has in store, is as important as keeping plans to resort to, when things don’t end the way we had planned. Although routine exists and one can experience it every day, things gradually change and evolve towards different states in future. Embracing change can be one of the […]

Creative Thinking Techniques – The shapingwork Guide

When it comes to creating new products, services, business models and the like or developing existing ones as well as problem solving, we need to generate ideas and think about possible solutions. However, we are often getting stuck when trying to come up with something new and innovative as humans naturally try to think in […]

Diese 5 simplen Tipps helfen euch wirklich produktiv zu sein

Produktives Arbeiten bedeutet, Aufgaben effizient zu erledigen. Gibt es viel zu tun, neigen die meisten dazu, Überstunden einzulegen. Doch die Produktivität steigt damit nicht automatisch an. Denn Studien zeigen: Nach rund acht Arbeitsstunden sind Menschen nur noch halb so produktiv wie zu Beginn der Arbeit. Am effizientesten arbeiten wir also in einem bestimmten, relativ begrenzten Zeitfenster. Hier […]